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Spring 2009 Seminars

Seminars are held in 110 Maryland Hall at 10:30am unless otherwise noted. Refreshments Provided in the ChemBE Graduate Student Lounge at 10:00.

February 5th

“Information Directed Molecular Technology:
Programming Nucleic Acid Self-Assembly”
Peng Yin
Bioengineering/Computer Science,
California Institute of Technology

February 12th

“Neuronal Interfacing: Controlling Cellular Function and Monitoring Activity”
Myung-Han Yoon
Harvard University

February 19th

“Numerical simulations of dissolution instabilities”
Tony Ladd
Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

February 26th

“Designing Superoleophobic Surfaces”
Anish Tuteja
Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 5th

“Semiconductor Nanocrystal-based Solar Cells”Yue Wu
Department of Chemistry, University of California

March 12th


March 19th

Spring Break - No Seminar This Week

March 26th

Graduate Visit Day Friday - No Seminar This Week

April 2nd

Zachary Gagnon
Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

April 9th

Eric R. Weeks
Corrsin Lecture
Physics Department, Emory University

April 17th

“Human aging”
Denis Wirtz
Schwarz Lecture
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
Johns Hopkins University

April 23rd


April 29th

George Georgiou
Holtz Lecture
Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin

April 30th

Special Lecture
George Georgiou
Holtz Lecture
Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin



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.Cell and Molecular Biotechnology

.Interfacial Phenomena

.Computational Biology and Functional Genomics

.Molecular Thermodynamics

.Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering