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The John C. and Florence W. Holtz Lecture

Dr. Holtz started his Government career in 1934 as a Junior Chemist in the Navy Department and transferred to the bureau of mines as Associate Gas Engineer on December 1, 1936. Because of his capabilities, Bureau assignments were varied with increasing responsibilities. Starting with research on gaseous products from explosives, he also organized, directed and worked with other Bureau scientists conducting pioneering research on diesel exhaust products. This work led to the establishment of the present Bureau of Mines Schedules 22, 24 and 31 for diesel mine locomotives, mobile-diesel-powered equipment for non-coal mines, and mobile-diesel-powered equipment for gassy non-coal mines and tunnels.

Dr. Holtz’s publication of Bureau of Mines R.I. 5616, “Safety with Mobile-Diesel-Powered Equipment Underground” is used internationally as a basic reference for diesel performance and operational characteristics in mines and tunnels. His experience with explosives was utilized during World War II in the conduct of a variety of research projects on explosives and propellant systems. Following the war, he assumed additional administrative responsibilities at the Bureau of Mines installation in Grand Forks, North Dakota; Morgantown, West Virginia,and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For his eminent career in Bureau of Mines and his outstanding achievement in the field of safety with diesel-powered equipment, Dr. Holtz was granted the highest award of the Department of the Interior, its Distinguished Service Award, on
June 8, 1967.

2010 Holtz Lecture

2010 Holtz speaker, Bernhard Palsson, takes a a few photos with professors from the department. Left: Dr. Konstantopoulos and Dr. Palsson; Top: Dr. Gray, Dr. Palsson, and Dr. Asthagiri; Bottom: Dr. Palsson and Dr. Betenbaugh.

Previous Honored Holtz Lecturers

  • 2010 - Bernhard O. Palsson
    University of California at San Diego
  • 2009 - George Georgiou
    University of Texas, Austin
  • 2008 - Carol Hall
    North Carolina State
  • 2006 - John H. Seinfeld
    California Institute of Technology
  • 2005 - Michael Shuler
    Cornell Univeristy
  • 2004 - Gregory Staphanopoulos
    Masachussets Institute of Technology
  • 2003 - Gerry Fuller
    Stanford University
  • 2001 - Alice P. Gast
    Masachussets Institute of Technology
  • 1998 - Douglas Lauffenberger
    Masachussets Institute of Technology
  • 1993 - Harvey W. Blanch
    Univeristy of California, Berkeley
  • 1991 - John A. Quinn
    University of Pennsylvania
  • 1990 - James E. Bailey
    California Institute of Technology
  • 1990 - John L. Anderson
    Carnegie Mellong University



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