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Interfacial Phenomena

The chemical, physical and biological properties of an interface often differ significantly from that of the bulk due to surface energetic and entropic effects. The composition and conformation of molecules at an interface are responsible for a wide range of phenomena observed in materials science and biology. Solid-liquid interfaces for example, are crucial in lubrication, biocompatibility, drug delivery and corrosion. Liquid-liquid and liquid-gas interfaces are important in lipid membrane fusion, water pollution and acid rain. Several faculty members in the department are using a combination of theoretical, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques including ellipsometry, force microscopy, electron microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to elucidate the structure of interfaces of solids and liquids with molecular scale resolution. Of specific interest to us is surface modification for enhanced physical properties, pattern formation at solid and liquid interfaces and interfacing biological media.

Representative Images

Participating Faculty

Michael Bevan
Marc Donohue
Joelle Frechette
David Gracias
Jeffrey Gray
Joseph Katz
Denis Wirtz

Representative Publications

  1. David Broesch, J. Frechette, From Concave to Convex: Capillary Bridges in Slit Pore Geometry, Langmuir (2012),
  2. J. H. Cho, A. Azam and D. H. Gracias, Three dimensional nanofabrication using surface forces, Langmuir 26, 21, 16534-16539 (2010)
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  5. "Structure Prediction of Protein-solid Surface Interactions Reveals a Molecular Recognition Motif of Statherin for Hydroxyapatite". K. Makrodimitris, D. L. Masica, E. T. Kim & J. J. Gray. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2007, ASAP).

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