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Cell & Molecular Biotechnology

Cell & Molecular Biotechnology takes advantage of Hopkins' world-renowned strengths in the biological sciences and medicine, and its proximity to several major national research centers. Our faculty collaborate with research groups from other departments and institutions as well as biotechnology companies in the Baltimore-Washington area. Faculty research interests encompass areas in genomic and protein engineering, stem cell research and cell engineering.

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Participating Faculty

Michael Betenbaugh
Sharon Gerecht
Jeffrey Gray
Joseph Katz
Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
Marc Ostermeier
Denis Wirtz


Shyam Biswal: School of Public Health, JHU
Jennifer Elisseeff: Biomedical Engineering, JHU
Jan Hoh: Physiology, JHU School of Medicine
Kevin Yarema: Biomedical Engineering, JHU

Representative Publications

  1. S.I. Fraley, Y. Feng, G.D. Longmore, and D. Wirtz, "Dimensional and temporal controls of cell migration by zyxin and binding partners in three-dimensional matrix", Nature Communications 3:719-731 (2012)
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.Interfacial Phenomena

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.Molecular Thermodynamics

.Drug Delivery, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering