Research Overview

To date, my lab has made significant contributions to understanding how fluid shear affects the binding kinetics and receptor-specificity of cell-cell adhesion events relevant to cancer metastasis, inflammation/infection and thrombosis, from both an experimental and theoretical viewpoint . 

These studies have paved the way for investigating the kinetic and mechanical properties of key receptor-ligand bonds at the single-molecule level using cutting-edge biophysical technologies, as well as isolating novel molecular structures from the surfaces of colon carcinoma cells and leukocytes that could represent potential therapeutic targets. 

In addition to investigating intercellular adhesion events, my lab has been active in delineating intracellular signaling pathways regulating gene expression in mammalian cells subjected to fluid shear, using cDNA-microarrays and bioinformatics tools in conjunction with a variety of molecular cell biology techniques.

Adhesion of Colon Carcinoma-Platelet Conjugates to Activated Endothelium.
Colon carcinomas are stained red, platelets green and endothelial cells blue.

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