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Thoughout the years, we have heard from many alumni who tell us how formative and inspiring their experience at ChemBE was and how much of an impact it has made on their careers. Countless alumni have demonstrated their their gratitude and enhanced their connection to ChemBE and JHU by mentoring students, returning as speakers, partnering with us on research projects for their own companies, and with generous donations to support our research.

During this time of Centennial Celebration, you are a very important part of our history and our future! We invite you to the numberous events during this year of celebration which reflects on our past, honors our present, and gives hope to our future!


Alumni news


ChemBE Bond

Editions Available Online:

Submit your news!

ChemBE alumni are encouraged to submit news (i.e., births, deaths, marriages, job changes/promotions, awards, etc.) for publication in the class notes section of ChemBE Bond.

E-mail: jhu.chembe@gmail.com

Call: Emilee Romano 410-516-7170


Upcoming Events

Spotlght Alumni Photo: The Graduating Class of 1967

If you have a photo you'd like to share with fellow alumni, please email us at chembe@jhu.edu.

Alumni Spotlight - Anthony Criezis, Class of 2005

Much-Needed Fund Established for First Year Students

Thanks to a generous gift made by alumnus Stu Hodgson '67 (pictured above), the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has recently established the First Year Graduate Student Research Fund. (expand article)

If you would like to donate, please download a PDF pledge form.

As always, the faculty, staff, students, and friends of the ChemBE Department are grateful for your continued support.

Get Involved

The Department offers several opportunites for alumni to stay involved with the ChemBE department and their fellow classmates, including helping students through mentorship, internships and employment by joining our HCCN network, or speaking at our 540.101 ChemBE in Today's World class to share your career experiences with our undergraduates. Please contact us at chembe@jhu.edu for more information.

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